What does the sealing process do?

Our sealer penetrates the stone or grout, and in the curing process, crystallizes to fill the pores. This prevents liquids from penetrating and staining the surface.

Our sealer makes the stone and grout highly resistant to staining from both oil and water based contaminants.

Will the sealer affect the sheen or color of the stone or grout?

No. The scaled area may appear dark for a few minutes but will lighten to its original sheen and color. Sealing will not permanently lighten or darken grout or stone.

How long will the sealer protect the stone and grout surfaces?

Under normal use and care, the penetrating sealer will protect the stone and grout surfaces for eight to ten years.

Will the sealer clean existing surfaces?

The sealing process will clean surface dirt, but it will not clean stone or grout that is already stained or discolored. The ideal time to seal stone or grout is when it is new.

How do you clean stone and grout once it is sealed?

We recommend using soap, like liquid Ivory, not detergent, and water.

Will the sealer prevent scratching and chipping?


Is the sealer foolproof?

With normal wear and proper care the sealer can protect against most spills, but acidic liquids may still etch some polished stone surfaces. We recommend cleaning up any spills with a clamp towel or sponge as soon as possible.